"The program really has changed our perspective on the way we look at these venues.  C.A.L.M. is mentioned daily at both Wheelhouse and Start Bar…”

Geoff Guinn - Director of Operations

The Wheelhouse / Start Bar/ The Midwestern

St. Louis, Missouri 

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"The recruiting staff section is GOLD...”

Ryan Binkley
Owner, The Honky Tonk Joint 
St. Louis, Missouri 

​​ Created by St. Louis bar and nightclub veteran Steve Guidry, C.A.L.M. Bar Safety is a sales, safety, and security consulting and training company. Anchored by The Coaching Program™, C.A.L.M. provides a collection of solutions designed specifically to help bar, restaurant, and nightclub operators train teams, protect investments, and save lives.

"After spending nearly twenty years in the trenches operating bars and nightclubs -- ten of those years researching, writing, and testing C.A.L.M. out on myself -- I’ve concluded that there is an epidemic failure by the hospitality community, city officials, and in some cases the insurance business, to truly understand how to reduce the number hospitality related problems, altercations, and emergencies. It's my mission to fill the gap."  

Steve Guidry, Founder