The Coaching Program: Powered by Case Builder™ 

"The training you guys gave to our staff was great. I think everyone learned something, and some even implemented what they learned into the following shifts. The training was very noticeable at the front door with greeting and searching.  They used terminology and procedures they were taught from the class, and were more personable at the front door with our guests.  I'm looking forward to doing another training class with you in the near future."

John Gitto
Manager, Paddy O's 
St. Louis, Missouri 

C.A.L.M. Bar Safety's Case Builder™ is a proprietary system specifically designed to train teams, reduce risk, 

and mitigate negligence.

​​​​“I’ve been seeing increases in my clients’ insurance renewal premiums and can vouch that one client, after participating in the C.A.L.M. Bar Safety training program being given a credit of nearly $10,000 on his renewal premiums!  In addition, it’s hard to place a monetary value on what the C.A.L.M. program provided my client in the way of safety for employees and customers. This program should be required by the insurance companies!"

​Joseph M. Dold, CIC    ​CEK Insurance